TRANSFER Photos & Videos FROM your Mac Computer to your iPhone or iPod touch

Note: To transfer photos & videos between two devices both of them must have this application installed and running. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Photo Transfer App

1. Open ‘Photo Transfer’ app and touch “RECEIVE” button.

Photo Transfer App

2. Touch the “APPLE Computer” button.

Photo Transfer App

3a. Open “Photo Transfer App” on your Mac.


3. If you’re using Web Browser, Touch the “START HERE” button.

Photo Transfer App




Open a web browser in your computer and type

Alternatively: Open a web browser in your computer and type the address exactly as that appears on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Make sure that you type the address directly on the address bar and not on the Google search bar.

Photo Transfer App

Click on the “UPLOAD Photos” or “UPLOAD Videos” button. Then, choose the photos or videos that you would like to upload from your computer to your iPhone/iTouch. You can choose a maximum of 200 photos at one time in JPG, GIF and PNG format.

To upload videos make sure that the videos are in .MOV format.

Done! You will see a progress bar in the web page as the images or videos are uploaded to your device.


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