How to transfer photos from your device to your Windows computer via any web browser

This is a walk through on how to transfer from your device to windows computer and how to unzip your files via the web browser interface.


Photo Transfer App

1. Tap on Send photos & videos

Photo Transfer App

2. Tap on Windows Computer

Photo Transfer App

3. Tap on Start Here under Use Web Browser on your Windows Computer



1. Go to the web address provided by our app:

2. Insert the IP address our app gives you. Make sure you keep the app running on your device and make sure that you type the IP address exactly as it appears in our app.

Inserting the IP address

Click CONNECT once you’ve inserted the IP address

3. To start choosing your photos (or videos) to transfer click on the empty photo icon or Select photos & videos


4. Select the photo album or camera roll you want to transfer from. You can either click on the photos you want to transfer ( any photos selected will be indicated with a check mark) or you can click on Select All in page. This will select all the photos on that page to download.

Once you’ve finished selecting your photos click on View & Download


5. Click on Full Resolution to start the downloading process. Note: You can also choose to select medium resolution. Also from this page you can view the photos you are transferring.


6. A dialog box will pop up asking you to save a file. Click OK.


7. Once the file is on your windows desktop (or wherever your downloaded content is downloaded too) then Right Click and select Extract All. This will extract your photos in a full resolution to your desktop as a photos folder titled photos





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