Authorization “null” Error – How To Solve!

In this walk through we will be explaining how to overcome the error Authorization “null” when trying to transfer between two iDevices. For example: iPhone to iPad.

Note: Our app requires this authorization to protect your privacy and only allow the connection to the devices that you authorize in the same network

Step 1
Make sure you are using the latest version of our app which is currently 4.7 for iOS devices and 2.6.2 for Android devices.

Step 2
Open the Photo Transfer app on both devices. After touching the “Explore Device” or “Get Photos and Videos” button you will then be prompted to authorize the connection between the two devices.


Step 3
Allow authorization to both devices. Below you will find screenshots of what the sending and receiving devices should display.

iPhone screenshot


iPad Screenshot ( receiving device )

Once you tap on “try again” after allowing authorization you will then be able to transfer to/from your devices.



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